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Created on the 17 September 2013 and published in the Official Journal Officiel, France, (1865) the 28 September 2013.

The Abdelkader Rahhaoui Cancer (ARC) Association organises sports challenges in order to raise funds to fight against & create awareness about prostate cancer.

The headquarters are in the Val de Marne 94300, France.


Run to create awareness about Prostate Cancer. Together we can fight this mysterious and traitorous illness.

My name is Sidi-Mohammad Rahhaoui. I am French Moroccan, born in Ouarzazate, Morocco in 1981 and for the past 13 years I have been living in Paris my second country.

In January 2012, I lost my father to Prostate Cancer. Being an only child it was extremeley difficult for me to handle alone and especially living in another country. In Morocco, there is a real need to communicate & raise awareness about Prostate Cancer amongst Men & their families & it still remains a taboo subject. Men need to know that it is easy to be checked out by having a simple blood test to begin with & in case of a high level of PSA a biopsy. It is so important they do this early on but it is never too late to ask for help from a medical professional. This disease can be treated if it is discovered early on.

But it remains a topic that is very difficult to approach. Men do not want to discuss it nor understand what may be happening to them so they chose to live in ignorance with the false hope that they may get better. But this false hope takes thousands of lives & in the end it is the whole family that suffers.

It is for these reasons that I decided to create the Abdelkader Rahhaoui Cancer (ARC) Association. Our mission is to raise awareness & to fight against prostate cancer by organising a variety of sports challenges. Our reach is evidently international, as this disease has no borders, but more particularly in Morocco because despite the many associations that are engaged in the fight against prostate cancer, Morocco is not really their priority.

And this in memory of my father Mr. Abdelkader Rahhaoui, who was a brave man & who deserves that we remember him. 

Help us by making a donation to the ARC Association by simply clicking on the "donate" button anywhere on our site. Your gesture will help us to carry the message further and help our worthy cause.  

In memory of my father, a brave man who faught long and hard against this disease and deserves to be remembered.

In memory of my father, a brave man who faught long and hard against this disease and deserves to be remembered.